Lab’eau-air-sol conference at the Salon de l’agriculture de St-Hyacinthe on January 19

AIR: Fungal disease detection program

In-depth investigation of airborne pathogens in your crops is a decision-making tool. It helps you position your interventions and better protect your crops as part of integrated agriculture. Spores are collected in your fields and the analysis report is available within 24 to 48 hours directly on your smartphone, so you can easily find out when your crop is at risk. The results of spore collection analysis and data collected by a weather station installed on your premises make AIR an easy-to-use and effective detection tool. By applying fungicides only during high-risk periods and according to real needs, you can save money by spacing out fungicide sprays, eliminating preventive sprays when the disease is not present in the air, and applying the right type of fungicide for the pathogens present.

AIR’s user-friendly interface will ensure simplified decision-making throughout the season.

Anytime: see the evolution of pathogens in your fields and access your historical weather data directly on your computer or smartphone.

Speaker: Sonia Desjardins