Maintenance program for cooling towers

Is your building equipped with a cooling tower ? Since these towers are ideal breeding grounds for Legionella pneumophila, the bacterium that causes Legionnaires’ disease, owners must now adopt a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. This is a mandatory regulation for all buildings in the province of Quebec.

When can Lab’EauAirSol help you with your cooling system maintenance program?

  • You would like a price estimate for the maintenance of your water cooling tower, industrial air conditioner or water cooling system.
  • You want to implement a comprehensive cooling tower maintenance program, including control strategies to minimize the risk of Legionella pneumophila development.
  • You need an accredited laboratory in Quebec to analyze your water samples quickly and accurately, performed by experts qualified to the applicable standards.

In order to comply with the provisions of the regulation on the maintenance of a water cooling tower installation in force since July 12, 2014, tower owners must have a comprehensive maintenance program. This program must include, among other things, start-up, storage, cleaning and decontamination procedures, as well as measures to control corrosion, scaling and the accumulation of organic matter.

It must also contain a detailed plan of the cooling tower to identify the sampling point for assessing the concentration of Legionella pneumophila, the chemical injection point and the various network components.

When drawing up your maintenance plan, a LAB’EAU-AIR-SOL professional will ensure that control strategies are put in place to maintain the efficiency of your installations while minimizing the risk of the development of Legionella pneumophila.

According to current regulations, the program must be revised when:

  • The last revision was 5 years ago;
  • The decontamination procedure was used;
  • A change in the network or in the procedure for maintaining water quality affects the existing program.