BNQ standards training

LAB’EAU-AIR-SOL is recognized by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec to offer training in the new BNQ-3009-610 (merula) and BNQ-3009-600 (mold) standards. This training is mandatory for any person or company offering investigation or decontamination/remediation services under BNQ standards for mold and merula.

Here are the 4 available courses:

Mold (BNQ 3009-600)Investigating contamination (Chapter 5)
Building rehabilitation (Chapter 6)
Merula (BNQ 3009-610)Investigating contamination (Chapter 5)
Decontamination & remedial work (Chapter 6)

Registration opening soon.

About the new standards

The new BNQ 3009-600 standard

Provides a framework for the investigation, diagnosis and decontamination of mold growth in residential buildings.

For more information on the mold standard, click here.

The new BNQ 3009-610 standard

Specifies requirements for the assessment of building contamination by weeping merula, the most damaging of the wood-rotting fungi.

For more information on the weeping merula standard, click here.

Weeping Cerulean