Airborne asbestos analysis

Are you planning to carry out work that could release asbestos fibers into the air ? As an employer, you must ensure that workers’ exposure to carcinogenic substances such as asbestos is kept to a minimum. Consider performing an airborne asbestos analysis to minimize the risk of exposure to workers who will be on site during the work.

In what situations can Lab’EauAirSol help you analyze asbestos in the air in your company?

  • You would like to have an estimate and know the price of an airborne asbestos analysis for your commercial or industrial building.
  • You suspect the presence of asbestos in the construction materials of your commercial or industrial building
  • You’re planning work on your commercial or industrial building that could release asbestos fibers, and you’d like an airborne asbestos analysis.
  • Learn more about asbestos air testing (respirable fibers) in commercial buildings
  • Would you like to know whether you should use an air extractor to filter asbestos from the air in your commercial or industrial building? or find out about the regulatory requirements for working with asbestos-containing materials.
  • You need a laboratory in Quebec to take an asbestos air sample in your commercial building quickly and accurately, performed by qualified experts in accordance with applicable standards.

Digitizing respirable asbestos fibers (IRSST 243)

When working on high-risk sites, asbestos fiber concentration must be measured at least once per shift. These measures make it possible to maintain a minimum level of exposure risk by limiting workers’ exposure to different types of asbestos fibres and different respiratory equipment.

Measuring fiber concentration at the end of the work also enables us to establish a return to normal before dismantling the enclosure.

Our analysts offer a fast, reliable service to submit reports within 24 hours of receiving samples. Analyses are carried out in accordance with IRSST Method 243, and LAB’EAU-AIR-SOL participates in quality control tests under CEAEQ’s CQ fibres program.