Ballast water analysis

Since June 2021, the Canadian government has implemented ballast water regulations under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, to protect the environment from accidental spills of aquatic invasive species and other harmful pathogens. The regulations apply to all vessels designed to carry ballast water, including Canadian and foreign cargo ships entering Canadian waters. A similar regulation is also in force in the United States.

To comply with regulations and prevent spills, ships must have their ballast water tested by a competent organization such as Lab eau-Air-Sol.

Our laboratory offers ballast water analysis services, including :

Taking samples;
Laboratory analysis of samples;
A complete analysis report;
And an annual follow-up.

What is ballast water and why test it?

Most ships carrying heavy cargoes use ballast water to add weight and stabilize themselves so that they float at a good depth. It is essential for keeping ships stable and level. However, this water, which can be taken or discharged as required across the world’s waters, can accidentally introduce and spread harmful aquatic species and pathogens not adapted to Canadian waters. Outside their natural habitat, they can become very invasive and harmful to our environment.