Environmental studies phases 1 and 2

Increasingly, when purchasing commercial land, banking institutions require the buyer to provide an environmental site assessment. Bill 72 of the Environment Quality Act (EQA), in force since 2003, also proposes an obligation to characterize and rehabilitate contaminated land in the event of a change of vocation or permanent cessation of activity on a site.

When can Lab’Eau-Air-Sol help you with the environmental assessment of a commercial site?

  • You need a price estimate for an environmental analysis of a plot of land or a commercial site.
  • Would you like to know more about the different environmental analysis procedures?
  • You want to buy commercial land and need an environmental assessment
  • You want to sell a commercial lot and need an environmental assessment
  • You want to buy a multi-unit commercial building and need an environmental assessment
  • You want to sell a multi-unit commercial building and need an environmental assessment
  • You’ve had an oil spill on your commercial property and need an environmental analysis.
  • You need a laboratory in Quebec to carry out an environmental analysis of your commercial property quickly and accurately, performed by qualified experts in accordance with applicable standards.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

The Phase I ESA identifies the presence of a real or potential risk of soil and groundwater contamination at the study site, associated with past and present activities. The Phase I ESA thus makes it possible to locate potentially contaminated sites and identify the contaminants likely to be encountered.

The Phase I ESA is carried out in accordance with the requirements of CSA standard Z768-01. Our specialists systematically trace available information on the history of the site (past activities, municipal complaints, government reports, topographical maps, archival photos, aerial photos, satellite images, etc.) in order to identify past or future contamination risks. Analysis of this information, combined with a site visit and a survey of local residents, will enable us to assess whether a Phase 2 environmental assessment is required.

Environmental site assessment (ESA) phase 2

When the Phase 1 study concludes that there is a risk of contamination, a Phase 2 environmental site assessment must be undertaken.

In accordance with CSA Z769-00, soil and groundwater samples will be collected to confirm or rule out the presence of contaminants on site. Analysis of these samples will enable us to define the nature and degree of contamination according to the generic soil and groundwater criteria established by the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les Changements Climatiques (MELCC). In addition, our team will carry out a soil characterization and stratigraphic profile of the site.