Informative training on weeping merula

The weeping merle(Serpula lacrymans), better known under the dreaded name of ” cancer ” or ” leprosy ” of the building industry, is a wood-boring fungus that afflicts buildings with significant moisture and/or ventilation problems, particularly in crawl spaces. This fungus, which is still little known to the general public, is rampant both in the regions and in mainland France, causing considerable damage and necessitating major repairs. Although Serpula lacrymans is recognized as the most damaging fungus found in buildings, other species can also damage coatings and weaken structures.

In order to clearly define the stages of investigation, identification and corrective work, our team has compiled information based on the scientific literature, our field experience and the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ) draft standard in an informative presentation.

The course lasts 4 hours and includes :  

  • A training certificate card ; 
  • A training notebook.

Who is the presentation for?

It is aimed primarily at field investigators, building professionals and construction workers, but also building managers, real estate brokers and building inspectors.

The training covers the following topics :

  • Origin and history ;
  • Home mycology glossary ;
  • Fungal diversity in the building industry ;
  • Field and laboratory identification;
  • Morphology and growth phases ;
  • Merula and health;
  • Decontamination protocol ;
  • Temporary measures ;
  • Corrective work ;
  • Cleaning and quality control ;
  • Demolition and pest control products.