Mould and bacteria analysis

Do you think you have an air quality problem at your company ? If mold or bacteria are affecting the air quality in your building, the experts at Lab eau-air-sol can help you identify your needs and propose solutions tailored to your situation.


Molds are microscopic fungi that grow in the presence of moisture. A mold problem in a building can affect air quality and cause a variety of respiratory problems for sensitive individuals. Although everyone reacts differently to exposure to mold, here are the main symptoms that can be experienced :

  • Eye and throat irritation
  • Headaches and chronic fatigue
  • Sneezing, coughing
  • Worsening asthma attacks

A mold problem in a building may develop as a result of water infiltration, or it may be the result of constant excessive humidity, lack of ventilation or drainage problems.

When can Lab’Eau-Air-Sol help you analyze mold in your commercial or industrial building?

  • Would you like a price estimate for mold analysis in your commercial building?
  • You must do work in accordance with BNQ standard 3009-600-8
  • You need a mold treatment for your commercial building
  • You suspect the presence of poor-quality air or you’ve observed black, white, green or other mold stains.
  • You experience various health effects associated with the presence of mold.
  • You want to test for mold following the discovery of water infiltration or plumbing failure in your commercial building.
  • You need a laboratory in Quebec to take mold samples in your commercial or industrial building quickly and accurately, performed by qualified experts in accordance with applicable standards.


In certain situations, measuring the bacterial concentration in the air is also suggested. This measurement detects the presence of undesirable bacteria in the air or on surfaces in the following cases :

  • When a ventilation or air-conditioning unit is poorly maintained
  • In the event of animal infestation
  • During sewer backup

Whatever the problem affecting your building’s air quality, the experts at Lab eau-air-sol can help you identify your needs and propose solutions tailored to your commercial or industrial building.