Legionella analysis

Is your building equipped with a cooling tower ? Do you have a spa, safety showers or decorative fountains ? These environments are conducive to the proliferation of Legionella pneumophila, a bacterium that causes Legionnaires’ disease when fine, contaminated droplets are breathed in.

In what situations can Lab’EauAirSol help you analyze legionella in your water-cooled cooling tower?

  • Would you like a price estimate for the detection and enumeration of Legionella in your water cooling tower (air-cooled cooling tower) by an accredited laboratory?
  • Would you like a price estimate for Legionella detection and enumeration in your spas, fountains or showers?
  • You want to quickly put in place the necessary procedures to comply with regulations aimed at limiting the proliferation of legionella in your installations.
  • You want a flexible follow-up service based on the reality and preferences of each customer
  • You need an accredited laboratory in Quebec to analyze your water samples quickly and accurately, performed by experts qualified to the applicable standards.
  • You need to receive your Legionella test results quickly.
  • You need a recognized professional to draw up a complete water tower maintenance program that meets the requirements of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

Detection and enumeration of Legionella pneumophila in water cooling towers

LAB’EAU-AIR-SOL offers reliable and reproducible analyses for the detection and enumeration of bacteria of the genus Legionella based on IRSST analytical method 370 and is accredited by the Centre d’expertise en analyses environnementales du Québec (CEAEQ) for field 606.

We offer a flexible follow-up service based on the reality and preferences of each customer.

To comply with the regulations governing water-cooled cooling tower installations, a sample must be sent to the laboratory at least every 30 days during commissioning, during restart following a prolonged shutdown, and 2 to 7 days following a decontamination procedure.

Water cooling tower maintenance program

LAB’EAU-AIR-SOL also offers the service of drawing up maintenance programs for water cooling towers, signed by a professional and meeting all the requirements of the Régie du Bâtiment. Programs are designed to make it easy to follow up on actions taken, to integrate existing practices as far as possible, and to maximize tower efficiency while maintaining conditions that are not conducive to legionella proliferation. Find out more.

Legionella pneumophila
 in spas, fountains and showers.

Although the detection of Legionella is not regulated in Québec for drinking water, these systems often offer favorable conditions for the proliferation and aerosolization of bacteria such as Legionella sp. during the summer period.

Monitoring sources of contamination in drinking water is part of a comprehensive and effective control program.